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The Emperor of All Floggers

I have a confession to make: Before The Emperor came into my life, I had never owned a flogger of my own. Sure, I'd had paddles and leather straps, and other impact toys. Hell, I'd even felt somewhere around 100-or-so different types of floggers on my own flesh, not to mention the dozens upon dozens of single tails and whips. Sometimes, I played with other people's toys. But it's just not the same. I wasn't even aware of how incredibly different it is until The Emperor showed up, and I held it in my hand. Thanks to Flog Me, Baby for the enlightening education!


The curve of the 7″ metal handle feels cold against my grip, and the weight of the steel causes The Emperor to fall into a natural position, all on its own. The sphere (or knob) at the end of the handle is not just decorative; it also doubles as an added-bonus to make using the handle of The Emperor as an insertable toy much, much more thrilling. It triples as an easy way to let you know where your grip should be for ideal flogging control and technique.

The Emperor
weighs in nicely at over a pound, and is adorned with 24 grain leather falls, each a luscious 20.5″ long and 3/8″ wide. It smells like Heaven, and is not for the vegan in your life, nor the faint of heart. (Those being two very distinct categories!)

The falls feel incredibly soothing against naked flesh. They have the potential to tickle, relax, or caress when dragged against a body. When my play partner was dancing the falls across my naked skin, it took me a few deep breaths to not fly immediately into sensate Heaven. (Not that there's anything wrong with that; I just wanted to stay present at least a wee bit longer!)

When The Emperor is being used as an impact toy, this flogger can pack a punch. It's well-made, and the fact that the handle is weighted makes it more of a heavy-duty toy than it would ever be otherwise. With little effort, The Emperor evokes gasps, sighs and those oh-so-precious moans. It doesn't take a heavy labor on the part of the painter to make one's canvas blush with the strokes of The Emperor.

You know, like that initial layer of acrylic gesso that you lovingly paint on before really getting to work (or passionate play)... If you put a little muscle into it or conscious intent (depending on your familiarity with floggers and your ability to flog immaculately with your eyes closed or not), your living, breathing, moaning, and likely squirming, canvas will start to become more and more audible.
The Emperor hasn't made me scream yet. Okay, okay, I guess I've screamed a few times at its hands. But not that loudly. Hee. It feels like rain falling from the sky, its falls the droplets. If you inhale deeply, you can smell them in the air like you smell the summer rains, and you can even feel the essence of them before they kiss your skin.

As the storm increases in intensity, The Emperor's kisses turn into nibbles or love-bites, somewhat akin to tiny hail stones. There is a sting, but also the exhilarating feeling of  being touched by something sacred. And the sting dissipates rather quickly, melting into a larger area of deliciousness, especially if the flogging continues. Of course, if so desired, you can get a much bigger wallop out of The Emperor. It can get pretty vicious. Make sure that you're playing with safe-words!

After my first full session (I first typed sexxion, whoops!) with The Emperor, I was nearly 4″ taller. Now, why would anyone go get a massage when they could just be treated to the delight that is this flogger? It's oh-so-good for lengthening out muscles and decompressing the spine... for un-kinking all the kinks that your body may have acquired since your last good scene. Seriously.

If you're in love with the scent of good leather, or enjoy impact-play, check out The Emperor over at Flog Me, Baby, and pick up one of these sexy, sexy floggers for your kinky escapades! Just be sure to keep it away from any kitties; mine is hopelessly in lust with The Emperor. Not more than I am, but perhaps equally so, and she tries to steal it away when she thinks I'm not looking. (And kitties here is not a euphemism for pussies. I meant kitties. Like cats. Alright? Good. Just checking.)